Patient Testimonials

  • I would like to thank and praise you all for your kindness, care and concern for my daughter in her rehabilitation. We are thrilled with the results and she is looking forward to returning to dance. Thank you!


  • Vino Mathew treated me and I recovered 100%. Although I was very skeptical using the dry needling approach, I am now a big supporter.

    Glen B

  • Very professional & helpful. More one on one than other PT places I have been to.

    Judy E

  • Great staff! Have noticed much improvement

    Shanon S

  • Great! My problems were taken care of right away! Great @ explaining the situation progress & treatment of my injury.

    Victoria C

  • Really enjoyed my visits. Learned how to take care of my injury. Really helpful.

    Jason K

  • Great experience. I was pain free after the first visit. Thank you!

    Nicole P

  • I visited Mr. Vinod, MSPT @ NOVA REHAB after a shoulder dislocation. Within a week’s time I was back to where I was. Excellent and effective therapy to go with amazing facilities and knowledgeable staff. Flexible timing.

    Rijesh K, Reston, VA

  • I had severe neck pain when I was recommended to Mr.Vinod Mathew. Within 2 appointments I was feeling much better and moving my neck much freely, with almost NO pain. So glad I went there…THANK YOU VINOD.

    Smitha N, Ashburn, VA

  • As a medical assistant in an orthopedic practice, I hear many things about different physical therapists from all kinds of patients. When I needed to attend physical therapy for my shoulder I wasn’t sure of where I should go. I picked Nova Rehab because I heard great things about the manual therapy technique that the therapist used. Vinod made sure that my pain was decreased at every single visit. If my pain was the same he tried different exercises, tape and modalities until my pain was scaled down to 1 or 0. He accommodated my busy schedule, made me feel comfortable, walked me through each exercise and fixed my shoulder! When my neck started bothering me recently I knew exactly who to call to schedule my physical therapy with. I HIGHLY recommend Nova Rehab to anyone who wants to comfortably get straight to the point and be pain free.

    Bianca B, Reston, VA

  • I had hurt my shoulder and was in pain that would wake me up throughout the night. I was at work in pain and needed to find a physical therapist fast. I found Dr. Vinod on line. He was close to my job and home and had never tried manual therapy. He was kind enough to see me within the hour. Turned out I had a strained rotator cuff. With his therapy, advice, gentle mannerism and care. I was back to normal within a few weeks. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Vinod for anyone who may need physical therapy.

    Yvonne R, Ashburn,VA

  • I recently had surgery for a torn meniscus and required physical therapy. Mr. Vinod Matthew was a fabulous physical therapist. He was knowledgeable and effective, while letting me know the exercises I was ready for or not . He knew what he was doing, when to push me and when to back off. Going twice a week for a little over a month, and I’m back on track. He was flexible with appointment times and I never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen. I’d highly recommend Nova Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy & Sports and Mr. Matthew if you are looking for a PT.

    Patrice C, Ashburn, VA

  • I recently had a bad case of plantar fasciitis. I let it go too long before doing anything about it. I’m a runner so I had to stop running for a while to let it heal. After several weeks of altering my cardio routine and wearing inserts in my shoes and doing exercises to help heal the planter fasciitis, I was ready to try something else. My foot an ankle specialist recommended NOVA Rehabilitation, Vinod Mathew. I’m so glad I decided to try physical therapy because I left there pain free within a couple of weeks. Mr. Mathew was awesome!!! He knows his stuff and was able to get right to the root of my problem. He really knows what he is doing and listens to you to help better understand how to tackle your particular issue. I also sent my 18 year old daughter who plays competitive soccer to see him because she was having back pain. She had been to so many doctors and sports therapist, but nothing was working. As soon as Mr. Mathew saw her he knew exactly how to tackle her pain. She was so happy to find him. She is now pain free!!!! It took her about a month to get rid of her pain, but she felt immediate relief after her first visit. He used the dry needling technique on her and it was extremely effective!!

    Monica K, Ashburn,VA

  • After working with a chiropractor, and another physical therapy provider I for about 1 year and not getting any results I was referred to Dr. Vinod for dry needling. After one visit I knew I was on the right track. After 4 visits I was almost pain free and another 4 visits leave me with no pain and no longer a need for physical therapy. I would highly recommend his services.

    Kevin H, Ashburn,VA

  • Two friends recommended Vinod Matthew for PT – and I had a great experience here as well. Very friendly office staff & flexible with appointments. Never felt rushed, and Vinod spends the entire appointment with you – not bouncing between patients as I’ve experienced elsewhere.

    E F, Ashburn,VA

  • I recently developed plantar fasciitis. Very painful! The pain just never lets up. After seeing my podiatrist, he gave me two options, extremely painful shots in my heel, or physical therapy. Of course I chose PT He referred me to Mr. Vinod. Mr. Vinod really listened to my issue, and spent the time to do what worked for my rehabilitation. He was caring and thoughtful, and even more importantly, knew what to do to ease my pain. He gave me advice on what activities to do/not do to speed the healing process. Within a week the pain had let up quite a bit. He knows his business. I would recommend him to anyone!

    Debra C, Ashburn,VA

  • Nova Rehabilitation was recommended by a good friend of mine for my sports injury. I am really impressed with the care and help the folks provide at this place. I was under the impression that this would be just another place like others… where they show you the rehab exercise and ask me to go home and do it… But to my surprise my therapist was amazing.. he helped throughout the rehab and was with me supporting my efforts to get back on my feet. Great facility with some exceptional folks. I”m glad they took my insurance.. and I’d recommend this place for anyone. Great job guys… and I hope I don’t have to come back.

    Jimmy Thomas, Ashburn,VA

  • Love it. Absolutely awesome facility with an even “awesome-er” staff (is that even a word???)Trust me you will leave this facility with “No Pain”… Location is perfect-right opposite Inova Loudoun Hospital. Appointments are readily available, there is very little wait time. Excellent top notch care!!!

    Jesny A, Ashburn,VA

  • I went to Nova Rehabilitation because it has good review in Yelp. Dr. Vinod still exceeds my expectation and he is very knowledgeable in his field. He is very personal too with the magic hands. With the tiny dry needles, he can ease your pain immediately. I continue to go back to him for different physical issues:-)

    J.Y, Ashburn,VA

  • I’ve been going to NOVA Rehab and seeing Vinod Mathew for almost a year now. After a long battle with a ruptured fasciitis, heal spurs and diseased Baxter’s Nerve(surgery in May) I give Mr. Mathew full credit for the fact that I’m actually walking in 2 shoes finally after 11 months of non-weight bearing. He continues to “mix it up” by doing laser therapy, ultrasound, dry needling and more each time I see him. Judy is amazing and they are always very flexible with my schedule. Wonderful practice with amazing people!

    Joan B, Ashburn,VA

  • I have been doing physical therapy for the past 3 years, 3 surgeries (broken ankle, calf and knee muscle lacerations) , and recently a total ankle replacement. It’s been a crazy ride but Mr. Vinod Mathew at Nova Rehabilitation has been an exceptional physical therapist from the start. He made me get back on my feet and walk again. He is responsible and cautious, yet he challenged me to improve at amazing pace. While I have been referred to several other PTs, I have always returned to Mr. Vinod. He listens to his patients and does everything in his power to get his patients recovered. I recommend him based on my experience as a patient of several phases of surgeries and recoveries.

    Homa S, Leesburg,VA

  • NOVA Rehab is the best of everything. Because of the philosophy of caring for the WHOLE person, not just the part, encouragement and support from the therapists here is beyond compare from any other PT facility I’ve used. This is NOT factory run-though-the-program PT. This is personal care. I believe that if it were not for Vinod Mathew and his folks at NOVA Rehab, I would never have been able to return to my career following an auto-accident two years ago. He gave me hope. I’m back again now for post-knee surgery PT – and doing great! THANK YOU, Vinod! I have recommended NOVA Rehab to friends and co-workers who have experienced the same level of care and compassion that I experienced.

    Jeanine Dickson, Ashburn, VA

  • Physical Therapy. Two words that a lot of us think are synonyms for pain and sadism. I am learning to love these two words because of the improvement that I have seen since starting my journey with Vinod and Anusha. After months of denial and subsequent muscle atrophy, I am now on my way to gaining full movement and range of motion in my left knee. Highly recommend this team.

    Celeste Descoteaux, Leesburg, VA

  • I recently completed a physical therapy regimen for a Pulled Hamstring. I had tried resting it for 45 days before I finally went in for treatment. I waited so long primarily because of less than satisfactory previous experiences with physical therapy. Not so with NOVA Rehabilitation. After an extensive and thoughtful rehabilitation program I am back to my full exercise program. Vinod Mathew was thorough and attentive in his approach. He mixed traditional and nontraditional approaches in response to what he found from treatment to treatment. I never felt as if I was participating in a by the numbers pre-determined plan and found Vinod to be extremely responsive to my input. I don’t recommend a pulled hamstring muscle to anyone, but if it (or something similar) happens, I highly recommend NOVA Rehabilitation.

    Richard Mildner, Leesburg, VA

  • Nova Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy & Sports “Nova Rehabilitation was recommended by Dr. Chawla to me and after I contacted Dr. Vinod Mathew for an appointment i was pleasantly surprised by his way of talking and kindness in his approach. During my first visit of explaining my Neck Pain he did a kind of miracle with his fingers and I left his clinic with no pain as I came in with a lot of pain. He asked me to come again in three days and did some physical therapy exercises and explained me how to do neck exercise at home or in office. He was very thorough in his explanation and took extra efforts by showing me how to do it correctly and after 4 visits he told me “you are good to go and come back if …

    Salil Chadha, Ashburn, VA

  • I recently developed Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot which brings constant pain shooting up my toes every time I walk on it. After my very first visit with Dr. Vinod the pain was instantly gone. He massaged my foot, used his dry needling technique and then told me to walk on it. The second my foot hit the floor the shooting pain was gone – almost like magic. This place is better than my doctor who could only numb the nerve for a day. I’d definitely suggest coming here for any type of injury, pain, etc. Their staff is friendly, helpful, and intelligent

    Courtney Kramer, Ashburn, VA